In a world of growing constraints and shrinking budgets, we are mentoring professionals to deliver business results and win in the market place.

A 10 instructor led web session program for aspiring PMs on PMBoK Standards or PMP…

A PM Skills Development program that includes 6 web mentoring session to apply PM processes…

A 3-day workshop for senior PM and Program Manager to lead projects strategically and deliver…

Program to Develop Senior Project and Program Managers to teach, mentor and coach PMs

Thought leaders and active practitioners with over a decade of experience working in diverse industries with large organizations as a project management consultant. We have an expert understanding what it takes to deliver industry-ready project management talent and have help leading organization maximize the ROI on their training investments.
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PMP Exam Prep+ The self-study e-learning suite that helps aspiring PMP® professionals with insights on their PM knowledge providing feedback, explanations and identification of areas for practice for each assessment question. Over 800 questions, 70 hours of learning, which has been trusted by over 5000 professionals



bg2 PM Domains, Roles and Competency Get an insightful overview to the Project Management Performance Domains, the role and competency required of a Project Manager, from a practitioner’s perspective. This free course provides 8 learning hour or PDUs to aspiring PM professionals and is the perfect introduction to PMBOK® Standards and PMP® Exam Specs.



Any fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.

Albert Einstein

With due modesty and maybe a touch of genius at PM Academy we take great pride in our efforts to simplify the discipline of Project Management – focusing on simplicity and visual communication; using comic art form to un-complicate the language of project management
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Visual Message surrounds us every day, from photographs to visual aides! These messages are not only simple and easy to understand, but they are flexible in many way as it bridges cultural differences and distances. At PM Academy we develop Visual aides, which brings to life the PM way in dynamic ways. Look out for upcoming process flowchart diagram and other infographics, to help you understand the project management approach.

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Performance Support for Project Managers

Project managers can manage (simple or complex) projects with minimum hassle by using the Project Management toolkit. The PM Toolkit brings together the power of best-known project and program management techniques in an easy-to-apply, accessible format. The toolkit is packed with process templates and interactive forms designed to work across industry contexts and is aligned to core professional competencies as defined by global standards like PMI®, IPMA®and Prince2.

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