PPM Practices and PfMP® Boot Camp

This bootcamp is more than an exam prep course. It is a professional development program that focuses onadvancing the experience and skills of portfolio and program management professionals. It aims to empower those who are responsible for the execution of a portfolio management process, communication around portfolio performance and recommendation for action.

While “program and project managers” focus on “doing work right,” this program is for those responsible for ensuring that organizations is “doing the right work”. The program explores proven approaches to managing a project portfolio, ensuring alignment of investments to the right projects, providing the right resources, and making decisions at the right time.

Utilizing best practices from different frameworks, the program would prepare professionals to demonstrate their ability in coordinated management of one or more portfolios to achieve organization objectives, and to confidently take the PMITM PfMP® (Portfolio Management Professional) exam.

Program Objective

Learn how to:

    • Align organizational strategy with a portfolio of projects
    • Define a portfolio management framework for an organization/business unit
    • Establish portfolio performance assurance and governance processes for one or more project portfolios
    • Evaluate the inherent value and risk associated with projects within the portfolio
    • Apply different techniques to portfolio evaluation and optimization
    • Optimize portfolio outcomes within the context of organizational constraints
    • Acquire the PMITM PfMP® credential

Program Deliverables

    • Comprehensive participant manual (hard copy)
      • Workshop slides with detailed explanations that go beyond the PMITM Standard for Portfolio Management, 3d Ed (SPfM)
      • Mapping of the tasks in the PfMP® ECO (Exam Content Outline) to processes in the SPfM
      • Detailed explanations for each task in the PfMP® ECO
    • PfMP® exam-focused quizzes
    • SPfM ‘Technique to Process’ Mapping Matrix
    • Detailed ‘Project Portfolio Management Process Cycle’ chart in A3 size color
    • Limited period access to an online PfMP® simulation exam of 170 questions
    • Program participation certificate – 27 PDUs

Program Pedagogy and Delivery

The program involves 27 hours of learning with 2 instructors – one, a PPM expert with strong consulting experience and another, a PPM practitioner and APMG-certified MOP® (Management of Portfolios) Practitioner, who was the among first PMITM PfMP® certified professional. The workshop is delivered either online in 9 sessions of 3 hours each or as a 3-day face-to-face workshop.


  1. Portfolio Strategic Alignment
    • Strategic need for portfolio management
    • Elements of strategy
    • Aligning organizational strategy to a portfolio
  2. Design and Definition of the Portfolio
    • Design considerations of a portfolio
    • Develop a high-level portfolio map
  3. Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Process Cycle
    • Steps involved in the PPM process cycle
    • Overview of the techniques involved in each of the steps
  4. Prioritization Techniques and Portfolio Optimization
    • Prioritization criteria and techniques relevant to the strategic objectives
    • Constraints Identification for portfolio optimization
    • Initiative Dependency Matrix
  5. Portfolio Optimization and Balancing
    • Difference between portfolio optimization and balancing
    • Multi-constraint optimization integrated with Monte-Carlo analysis
    • Optimization scenarios and analysis
    • Portfolio balancing criteria
  1. Portfolio Planning: Benefits Management and Stakeholder Engagement
    • Portfolio Benefits Dependency Map
    • Portfolio Strategic Plan
    • Stakeholder Management
  2. Portfolio Planning: Portfolio Governance and Risk Management
    • Elements of Portfolio Management and Governance Plan
    • Portfolio dashboard
    • Role of a Portfolio Management Office (PfMO)
    • Identifying portfolio-level risks and response strategies
  3. PMITM Standard for Portfolio Management (SPfM)
    • SPfM domains, process cycle, processes
  4. PfMP® Exam Content Outline (ECO)
    • Preparing the PfMP® application experience summary and application
    • Mapping the ECO tasks to the SPfM processes
    • What questions to expect in PfMP® exam