Be “The CEO of your Project” by using the Diamond of Innovation and right the strategy to deliver highly profitable projects


Strategic Project Leadership® (SPL) is a research based integrated approach to managing projects that combines four important aspects of modern projects:

  • Traditional project management knowledge for operational excellence,
  • Strategic focus on business results,
  • Dynamic adaptation for dealing with uncertainty and change, and
  • Human elements of execution leadership to inspiring teams to deliver.
The SPL approach is helping organizations to deal with their strategic projects in a flexible and adaptive way; and more important, it focuses those projects on creating value, competitive advantage and winning in the marketplace – rather than just meeting time and budget goals. This highly interactive 3 day workshop is based on the PMI® award-winning research of Dr Aaron J Shenhar, a Fellow and Member of the Science Council of NASA USRA Center for Program and Project Management Research. The program is an outcome of 20 years of research and consulting work built by Dr Shenhar.